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Chair planter - Treemendus Glasgow

Treemendus Glasgow is owned by artists Sophie Steele and Shauna Gray. Sophia and Shauna are home improvement artists that specializes in the restoration and upcycling of old furniture. They clearly has a passion for giving new life to old pieces, whether it’s turning an old chair into a beautiful planter or making a dog/cat bed out of vintage suitcases. Treemendus Glasgow definitely has a lot of fun and unique pieces!

Upcycled end tables - Treemendus Glasgow

Most of the furniture styles that Treemendus Glasgow tends towards using are of either vintage pieces or mid-century modern. They use a lot of vibrant colours and patterns making them into some really fun pieces that are sure to liven up any room.

In addition to the upcycled furniture that they sell, Treemendus Glasgow also runs craft and upcycling classes, and, on occasion, post DIY tutorials on their blog. They also welcome custom orders!

If you would like to see more by Treemendus Glasgow, here’s where you can find them!:


Nautical art on vintage, upcycled atlas pages; by Winterberry Cottage

Winterberry Cottage creates beautiful, upcycled artwork for your home that is truly unique. The artist behind Winterberry Cottage is Amy Lynn. Her artwork is full of whimsy, nostalgia, and is simply beautiful.

Steampunk bee print on vintage paper - Winterberry Cottage

Her prints are beautifully imaginative and are all created on upcycled vintage papers. Sometimes, these papers may be atlas pages (as seen in the at the top of this post) while others are created on pages from old dictionaries. It’s a beautiful blending of old and new, image and text.

You can find her work on both Handmade Artists, as well as, on Etsy. Here are her links!:

Handmade Artists Shop

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