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Whether giving a new use to an old (and possibly broken) object or just creating artwork out of atypical materials, upcycling can be a ton of fun and there are a ton of books out there that can help give you ideas. So, Here’s a list of just a few of the great books out there!

Playing with Books: the Art of Upcycling, Deconstructing, and Reimagining the Book by Jason Thompson

Playing with books: the Art of Upcycling, Deconstructing, and Reimagining the Book by Jason Thompson:

This is a really interesting upcycling book. It’s an upcycling book all about upcycling books! The book shows many different techniques including bookbinding, origami, papercrafts, textile, and a number of other techniques and ideas of how to have fun with reusing old books.

Upcycling: Create Beautiful Things from Stuff You Already Have by Danny Seo

Upcycling: Create Beautiful Things from Stuff You Already Have by Danny Seo

This is another really great upcycling book. There’s a wide range of different project ideas all of which use just everyday materials that are easily gotten ahold if if you don’t realdy have them.

Upcycling: 33 Ways To Reuse Old Glass Jars, Mason Jars, & Wine Bottles For Home Decorations & Much More! by Kitty Moore

Upcycling: 33 Ways To Reuse Old Glass Jars, Mason Jars, & Wine Bottles For Home Decorations & Much More! by Kitty Moore.

Another great upcycling book with really easy crafts!

You know a great place to look for upcycling books? Try your local library. I have a small part-time job at one of my local libraries and I’ve seen hoards of upcycling books in there, not only in the adult non-fiction collection, but also the young-adult/teen and children’s non-fiction collections. We’re also getting new ones all the time. Actually, some of the ones in the children’s non-fiction are especially good. There’s a whole series of them that my library has and there broken up into material themed books, versus the mish-mash of a lot of the regular non-fiction idea books out there. While they are generally more simple, they can sometimes be a great place to start if you are just getting into this kind of craft.

Grape Soda Necklace by Instinctively Indie

The artist behind Instinctively Indie is Ann Jepsen. Ann Jepsen creates unique upcycled jewelry from all sorts of bits-and-bobs. Her jewelry features lots of upcycled buttons, pieces of vinyl records, soda cans, marbles, melted crayons, and so many other interesting objects.

Cool Tones Melted Crayon Bracelet by Instinctively Indie

Instinctively Indie jewelry is cute, colourful, and full of vintage whimsy you just can’t help but love it! When not creating beautiful jewelry, Ann Jepsen can be found at home chasing around her home in Sioux City, Iowa with her family.

If you would like to see more of Ann Jepsen’s beautiful creations, here’s where you can find them!

Store (Etsy)
Store (Handmade Artists)

Black Eyed Susan Bakelite Bracelet by Uniqlets

Uniqlets is owned by jewelry artist Lisa Rosenberg. As her businesses name “Uniqlets” would suggest, Lisa specializes in making one-of-a-kind and unusual pieces. She especially enjoys bringing new life to vintage materials such as old jewelry, vintage buttons, or, really, any unusual object that strikes her interest and could create a bold statement piece. Uniqlets jewelry is fun, colourful, and very different from other jewelers work. Every piece is certainly a statement piece of jewelry and sure to get noticed!

Pearly Grace Bracelet by Uniqlets

If you would like to see more of Lisa’s work, here’s where you can find it!

Website & blog
Store (primary)
Store (secondary)

Circular saw blade painting - Silhouette Arts by JE

The artist behind Silhouette Arts by JE is June Evon Bishop from Alboin Maine. June has loved art from an early age, and, for her, it is an escape from the world and all its issues. June is what you could call a ‘found-object painter.’ Acrylic paints are her medium of choice, but, instead of painting on regular canvases (although she does sometimes), she mostly chooses to paint on more unusual surfaces such as: license plates, saw blades, rocks, shingles, etc. Objects that other people just throw away as trash, she reuses in artistic ways.

The One That Got Away (slate painting) - Silhouette Arts by JE

June largely paints landscapes, birds, and other nature related imagery, but she does paint other non-nature related pieces as well. If you would like to learn more about June and see more work by Silhouette Arts by JE, here are the links!:


Chair planter - Treemendus Glasgow

Treemendus Glasgow is owned by artists Sophie Steele and Shauna Gray. Sophia and Shauna are home improvement artists that specializes in the restoration and upcycling of old furniture. They clearly has a passion for giving new life to old pieces, whether it’s turning an old chair into a beautiful planter or making a dog/cat bed out of vintage suitcases. Treemendus Glasgow definitely has a lot of fun and unique pieces!

Upcycled end tables - Treemendus Glasgow

Most of the furniture styles that Treemendus Glasgow tends towards using are of either vintage pieces or mid-century modern. They use a lot of vibrant colours and patterns making them into some really fun pieces that are sure to liven up any room.

In addition to the upcycled furniture that they sell, Treemendus Glasgow also runs craft and upcycling classes, and, on occasion, post DIY tutorials on their blog. They also welcome custom orders!

If you would like to see more by Treemendus Glasgow, here’s where you can find them!:


Crab - Recycleart Sculpture Gallery and Studio

Nathan Nicholls is the artist behind the Recycleart Sculpture Garden and Studio. An artist of many talents, Nathan Nicholls, is a sculptor, photographer, and poet! He is a self-taught Master Welder and a member of the Main Artists Guild. Nathan creates his artwork out of a love for creating and to encourage others to repurpose instead of always just throwing things out.

Venus Flytraps - Recycleart Sculpture Gallery and Studio

All of his sculptures are made from found objects that he then welds together. While he will sometimes paint a piece if it will enhance it’s likeness to what the sculpture is of, most often he prefers the aged look of the natural patinas and rust of the objects he is using. In keeping with that, he also chooses to not smooth out his welds, as he feels their roughness adds a textural interest to the pieces and compliments the natural patinas of the metals.

The Recycleart Sculpture Gallery and Studio can be found at Nathan’s home/gallery in Waldoboro, Maine. However, his work may also be found in a number of galleries and business in the area. If you are interested in learning more about Nathan’s work or visiting the Recycleart Sculpture Gallery and Studio, you can find out more at his Facebook page and website. Here are the links.


Whimsical Curiosities was founded in 2009 by assemblage artist Lauretta Lowell. In 2002 she had experience a serious head trauma and had to relearn how to walk, write, and even talk. She chose to explore assemblage art as sort of a self-imposed art therapy to help her mend, and by doing so she also discovered a new passion which has now become a business and Whimsical Curiosities was born.

assemblage sculptures by Whimsical Curiosities

None of Lauretta’s creations are pre-planned. She just begins and lets the pieces fit together as they will and create their own story. She creates both sculptures and assemblage wall-art all out of repurposed found-objects.

On Wings & a Hare - Whimsical Curiosities

Lauretta Lowell creates very unique (and as her business name implies) whimsical creations, and is an award winning artist from Palm Desert, California. The artwork of Whimsical Curiosities may be seen in a number of art/design galleries. She also sells her work locally at various art shows and festivals.

If you would like to learn more about Whimsical Curiosities or where you can find her work, here is the link to her website:


I love upcycling/repurposing. I enjoy seeing what interesting ideas people have to remake objects into something completely different. So I thought I’d share just a few of the great upcycling blogs for anyone else who enjoys upcycling.

Upcycle That:

Upcycle That was started by Jacques Karsten and Judy Rom in 2012 as a resource for anyone interested in upcycling. It has a lot of great eat information about upcycling: tutorials, project inspiration, etc.

Upcycled Treasures:

The upcycling blog Upcycled Treasures is particularly for DIY home decor and design ideas. It includes ideas for upcycled furniture, crafts, and even wedding ideas.

The Upcycle Blog

Includes lots of different upcycling ideas. From fashion to jewelry to home decor, etc.

Upcycled Your Life

The Upcycled Your Life blog has a lot of great and easy to do project ideas!

As mentioned before, this is just a short list of some of the many different upcycling blogs out there. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to have some upcycling fun of your own! And if so, please feel free to share a pic of your upcycling creations on my Facebook page! I’d love to see them. With upcycling, one man’s junk really can become another man’s treasure!

Do you love the seaside? If so, then I am sure you’ll love this next featured artist! Seaside Home Accents based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Drift wood lamp by Seaside Home Accents

The artist behind Seaside Home Accents is Allison Wiberg. For 10 years, she worked in her family’s lampshade manufacturing plant before she decided to go out on her own. Allison loves the beauty of the natural world and so, like many artists, she finds her inspiration looking at nature. Seaside Home Accents currently has three lines of products: driftwood lamps, tea light holders, and seed paper art cards (paper used to make the cards contain seeds in them so if planted the cards will grow).

Drift wood tea light holders by Seaside Home Accents

Much of the material she uses, Allison finds and collects herself while enjoying the outdoors with her children. What material she doesn’t find herself, she purchases as locally as possible.

If you would like to learn more about Seaside Home Accents here’s where you can find them!:


I don’t know about you, but I love Steampunk jewellery. It’s so imaginative and fun. And the jewellery by Steelhip Design is no exception.

Glow in the dark Steampunk necklace - Steelhip Design

The artist behind Steelhip Design is Michelle Murray from Perth, Australia. Why did she choose the name “Steelhip Design”? At a very young age, Michelle was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and has since had both hips and knees replaced and her right wrist completely fused. But, while it would have been easy to let all this depress her, Michille has not let her physical struggles define her or hold her back. Instead, she feels it has helped to make her a better artist and person. And, wow, what an artist!

Steampunk flying mechanical heart - Steelhip Design

Steelhip Design creates some of the most unique pieces of Steampunk jewellery you are likely to ever find! Her pieces are art assemblage jewellery made with a wide range of materials. From copper, brass, and steel to rubber, wood, strange mechanical parts, clock/watch parts, and many other unusual materials you wouldn’t typically think of for jewellery. Yet she always makes it all come together beautifully. While she has always had a love for creativity, Michelle only recently began selling her work. She opened her shop on Etsy in 2011. On average, she creates 15-20 pieces of jewelry and 2-3 sculptures a month and dedicated to making sure that all her pieces are of the highest quality. Her signature design is the flying mechanical heart shown above.

Antique clock part and optical lens necklace - Steelhip Design

If you’d like to see more from Steelhip Design, here’s where you can find her!

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