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So last year one of the new things I decided to experiment with was Prismacolor on copper. However, the bracelet project I’d planned did not go quite as expected. The original idea was a single bracelet with three Prismacolor on copper panels with chainmaille making up the rest of the bracelet’s body. However, after getting two of the panels to solder with minimal issue, the third one apparently decided it didn’t like me. I could get the the connector rings to solder just fine on one side of the panel, but on the otherside (no matter what I did) they simply refused to solder. Most likely, there was a miniscule gap somewhere between the sheet and the rings, but nothing I did (even using binding wire) could get it to solder. So, what started out as one bracelet, due to the stubbornness of silver soldering, ended up turning into two Prismacolor on copper bracelets plus a few other non-Prismacolor pieces not shown here.

Prismacolor on copper bracelet - Handmaden Designs LLC

This is the first of the two bracelets that resulted from the change in project plans. While the centerpiece of the bracelet is the eye-poping Prismacolor on copper, the rest of the bracelet is made from sterling silver. The body of the bracelet is the classic chainmaille weave: European 4in1. Before being coloured, the copper sheet was hand embossed by hammering copper swirls onto it to give the sheet more detail. The bracelet measures at just over 7 inches long and is 1 inch wide at the wisest point.

Prismacolor on copper bracelet - Handmaden Designs LLC

This is my personal favorite of the two bracelets. I just love the colours and while the granulation was a pain, I love the result and would endure all the frustration all over again! Like the other bracelet, this is a sterling silver bracelet with hand embossed Prismacolor on copper focal-point. This one, however, uses a micromaille Half-Persian 3in1 weave with granulation accents. It measure at 7.75 inches long and 1 inch wide at the widest point.

While it was frustrating that my original plan did not work out, I actually like the results of the two bracelets much better!

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"Neassa" sterling silver and Carnelian necklace by Handmaden Designs LLC

This necklace will always hold a special meaning to me. It was the my first time ever soldering and I am incredibly happy with how it turned out. However, the funny thing about this piece though is that when I started I was not planning on making a necklace. I’d originally planned to make a ring, but once I’d soldered the first shank wire to the setting I just couldn’t for the life of me get the other shank wire to solder on the other side. So, after a long drawn-out battle with the solder, I decided to not risk destroying what I had gotten to solder and made a necklace from it instead.

The necklace is entirely made from sterling silver and is entirely handmade. The setting is a handmade open-back, cabochon prong setting, and the chain is a combination of different chain types. It use beaded links, regular 2in1 chain, soldered figure-8 links, and sections of micromaille Barrelweave. All the stones are genuine Carnelian, and the central Carnelian is an 8x10mm cabochon. The necklace measures at 17.5 inches long.

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