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Chainmaille hornet sculpture - Handmaden Designs LLC

Believe it or not, this chainmaille hornet actually started off life as the beginnings of a bracelet project. It is a great example of what can happen when a mailler gets bored with what they are making and starts playing with their project. And, if you’ve ever held a piece of dragonscale, you know how irresistible it is to play with it. The way the weave feels and moves, you just can’t help it!

Anyway, that’s how the chainmaille hornet came about. I was originally working on a diamond patterned Dragonscale bracelet that I was going to edge with Half Persian 4in1, but I got a little bit bored (Dragonscale is not the fastest weave to make!) and got distracted. I kept playing with how flexible the weave sections were and noticed that if I curled the edges upwards with some of the sections and the other sections downwards that it looked rather like a hornets body. So, of course, I was now thoroughly distracted from my original project and curious as to whether I could successfully turn that would-have-been bracelet into a chainmaille hornet instead and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!!

I’m now planning on taking this project a step further. Someday, I want to make many more of these chainmaille hornets only smaller (about life-size or just a little bigger) and possibly using coloured wire so they look as real as possible. I am also planning on making a life-size hornet’s nest and these little buggers are going to be attached to and around it. However, this is a long-term plan as the wire amount it will require is pretty substantial.

In the mean time, I find myself still needing a name for my original chainmaille hornet. Suggestions anyone?

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