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Crab - Recycleart Sculpture Gallery and Studio

Nathan Nicholls is the artist behind the Recycleart Sculpture Garden and Studio. An artist of many talents, Nathan Nicholls, is a sculptor, photographer, and poet! He is a self-taught Master Welder and a member of the Main Artists Guild. Nathan creates his artwork out of a love for creating and to encourage others to repurpose instead of always just throwing things out.

Venus Flytraps - Recycleart Sculpture Gallery and Studio

All of his sculptures are made from found objects that he then welds together. While he will sometimes paint a piece if it will enhance it’s likeness to what the sculpture is of, most often he prefers the aged look of the natural patinas and rust of the objects he is using. In keeping with that, he also chooses to not smooth out his welds, as he feels their roughness adds a textural interest to the pieces and compliments the natural patinas of the metals.

The Recycleart Sculpture Gallery and Studio can be found at Nathan’s home/gallery in Waldoboro, Maine. However, his work may also be found in a number of galleries and business in the area. If you are interested in learning more about Nathan’s work or visiting the Recycleart Sculpture Gallery and Studio, you can find out more at his Facebook page and website. Here are the links.


Whimsical Curiosities was founded in 2009 by assemblage artist Lauretta Lowell. In 2002 she had experience a serious head trauma and had to relearn how to walk, write, and even talk. She chose to explore assemblage art as sort of a self-imposed art therapy to help her mend, and by doing so she also discovered a new passion which has now become a business and Whimsical Curiosities was born.

assemblage sculptures by Whimsical Curiosities

None of Lauretta’s creations are pre-planned. She just begins and lets the pieces fit together as they will and create their own story. She creates both sculptures and assemblage wall-art all out of repurposed found-objects.

On Wings & a Hare - Whimsical Curiosities

Lauretta Lowell creates very unique (and as her business name implies) whimsical creations, and is an award winning artist from Palm Desert, California. The artwork of Whimsical Curiosities may be seen in a number of art/design galleries. She also sells her work locally at various art shows and festivals.

If you would like to learn more about Whimsical Curiosities or where you can find her work, here is the link to her website:


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