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Rack and Ruined custom clock

Rack and Ruined is a small business creating one-of-a-kind art and home decor from wood, antlers, and repurposing. And before you tell you more, I have to admit to more than a little bias towards his work, as the owner, Jon Hepworth, happens to be my Dad. Formerly a missionary to Ireland for 13 years, he now works at a saw mill in northern-mid Michigan which gives him access to some really beautiful woods. Due to the uniqueness of the materials, every piece is a one-of-a-kind. At Rack and Ruined, you can find everything from lamps and clocks to baskets and buttons. Whether you’re a hunter, or just love that rustic look, Rack and Ruined is perfect for you!

Rack and Ruined antler pizza cutters

Rack and Ruined really does have a huge range of product types from larger pieces like lamps, shelves, baskets, canes, and clocks to smaller items like keychains, buttons, ice cream scoops, pizza cutters, and even dog chews! Know what you want, but haven’t been able to find it? Custom orders are certainly a possibility.

Interested in seeing more by Rack and Ruined? Drop by his Facebook page! Be sure to check back later, as new ideas are being explored all the time!

Also, if you happen to be in Michigan around Thanksgiving, Rack and Ruined will be participating in the Chesaning Music Booster Arts & Crafts held in the Chesaning middle-school and high-school the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. (He’ll be in the main room of the middle-school.) Hope you consider dropping by!

Potter Man Studio

The Potter Man Studio is located in East Yorkshire, UK, and is run by ceramics artist Lee Steele. Mr. Steele studied 3D Design at York College of Further & Higher Education (an associate college of the University of York), afterwards he opened his own studio/gallery. His own work is inspired by history. His passion for historical inspiration comes from years of Medieval, Viking, late Roman, and Saxon re-enactment. He also, like many artists, draws inspiration from the natural world.

Potter Man Studio - Salvage Ware

Another favorite of Mr. Steele, is a texture experimentation inspired by the world of Steampunk and post-industrial landscape. In what he calls is ‘Salvage Ware’, he explores with clay, oxides, and glazes how to create a piece that has the appearance of rust, corrosion, or other form(s) of deterioration or weathering. By giving his work the appearance of age, he also creates the illusion of history and that makes the pieces all the more interesting. I makes you wonder about them, ask questions, and imagine the reality where such a piece could have existed and what its story would be.

Potter Man Studio though is about more than just Mr. Steele’s own work. It’s also about teaching. The Potter Man Studio is open to the public to take classes and workshops. There are workshops are offered for adults, children, as well as families. He even offers workshops for parties, clubs, and societies!

To learn more about Potter Man Studio, visit him on Facebook or his website. You can also find him on Twitter.

Thistledown Botanicals

Thistledown Botanicals is a small, at-home business on the northern fringe of Lower Michigan’s civilization (also known as Standish, Michigan). Now, I must admit that I have more than a little bias towards Thistledown Botanicals, as the owner of the business happens to be my mother, Holly Hepworth. She makes 100% natural skin care products and cosmetics. Right now, her products range from lip glosses and balms to lotions/lotion bars, sugar scrubs, and body butters; she has even made her own organic sunscreen. However, she is always looking to expand and learn new things. Most recently, she has been bitten by the soap bug…… and badly, there is soap curing EVERYWHERE in the house. She uses a variety of essential oils, fragrance oils, flavoring oils, mica colourants, etc. to make her work not just functional, but smelling and looking beautiful! Some of her soaps are even topped with flowers she dried in her dehydrator.

She is still new to the world of handmade/homemade businesses, and so does not have a website at this time. However, she does have a Facebook page you can visit which is set-up so you can purchase through it via PayPal. Keep checking back to see new products!



2LittlePs is based out of Virginia Beach, VA and run by jewelry artist Cathy P. Cathy creates beautiful handcrafted jewelry from a variety of materials. She works with sterling silver, fine silver, and copper and loves to combine these materials with leather, silk, beads, and sea glass. She also works a lot with precious metal clay. There is a lot of whimsy and elegant simplicity in Cathy’s style. No piece is over-fussed, or under-designed.

2LittlePs - cancer awareness pendant

Cathy is involved with many different charitable organizations and uses her jewelery talents to support and spread awareness for these causes. Among the foundations that 2LittlePs jewelry supports are: Crisis Pregnancy Cneter, Wounded Wear, Autism Up, and an array of cancer foundations.

2LittlePs - Hart of Dixie Earrings

As a member of The Artisan Group, 2LittleP jewelry has been involved in a number os celebrity gifting events such as the Oscars, Emmys, and Golden Globes. Her jewelry has also been gifted to the wardrobe stylist’s for a number of shows and been used on TV. These TV shows include: Hart of Dixie and Vampire Diaries.

Here’s where to go to learn more about 2LittlePs:

Black Eyed Susan Bakelite Bracelet by Uniqlets

Uniqlets is owned by jewelry artist Lisa Rosenberg. As her businesses name “Uniqlets” would suggest, Lisa specializes in making one-of-a-kind and unusual pieces. She especially enjoys bringing new life to vintage materials such as old jewelry, vintage buttons, or, really, any unusual object that strikes her interest and could create a bold statement piece. Uniqlets jewelry is fun, colourful, and very different from other jewelers work. Every piece is certainly a statement piece of jewelry and sure to get noticed!

Pearly Grace Bracelet by Uniqlets

If you would like to see more of Lisa’s work, here’s where you can find it!

Website & blog
Store (primary)
Store (secondary)

Black/Red Glass and Chainmaille Catepillar Bracelet - Kat Wisniewski of Elemental Art Jewelry

I would like to introduce you to one of my fellow chainmaille artists, Kat Wisniewski of Elemental Art Jewelry. Kat Wisniewski founded Elemental Art Jewelry in 2005 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. Elemental Art Jewelry focuses on the fusion of chainmaille and glass to create beautiful, unique, and fashionable jewelry.

Decadent Confection necklace - Kat Wisniewski of Elemental Art Jewelry

Kat Wisniewski brings into her designs a love of geometry/symmetry, architecture, colour, and texture. Elemental Art Jewelry is foremost in the jewelry design genre of, as she calls it, “glass-chainmaille.” Along with the glass beads, she uses sterling silver, copper, and aluminum to create her designs.

Celtic Diamond pendant - Kat Wisniewski of Elemental Art Jewelry

Kat Wisniewski is also a member of The Artisan Group and recently participated in the 2014 GBK Golden Globes Celebrity Gift Lounge. Her Celtic Diamond pendant design, as shown above, was included in all the celebrity gift bags for that event.

If you would like to see more of her work, here’s where you can find her!:


Elegant gold bronze and pyrite teardrop necklace, unique art jewelry - Kathryn Designs LLC

Kathryn Designs LLC is a handmade jewelry arts business owned by artist Kathryn Doll. Kathryn Designs LLC is based in Atlanta, Georgia, although the artist herself is native to Louisville, Kentucky. Kathryn creates beautiful, handcrafted jewelry. Her love of jewelry started early: she used to pierce her Barbie doll’s ears and create jewelry for them.

Kathryn Designs LLC was born after the artist happened upon polymer clay and metal clay back in 2005. Up until then, she had been working with her Master’s Degrees in Art Therapy and Social Work, but was longing to be a full-time artist. Once she met those special clays, her new adventure as a jewelry artist began.

Colorful statement necklace garnets, dichroic glass, vintage inspired - Kathryn Designs LLC

Kathryn Designs LLC specializes in mixing modern style with the elements of traditional design. This design fusion has become her signature style.

As a member of The Artisan Group, Kathryn Designs LLC has had the excitement to see her jewelry given to a number of celebrities including: Selena Gomez, Stephanie Drapeau, Rachel Ray, Vanessa Lachey, and many others. Her jewelry has also been worn on The Vampire Diaries.

Modern dagger necklace, long pendant in gold bronze metal clay, handmade art jewelry, spear necklace - Kathryn Designs LLC

Here’s where you can find Kathryn Designs LLC!:


Unfinished wood pendants by Banglewood Crafts

Banglewood Crafts is owned by artist and blogger Tiffany Hill and is a handmade craft supply store. She provides the handmade base product so that you can personalize it however you wish! Whether you purchase for your own personal DIY jewelry design or to decorate and then resell, if you are looking for a great source of handmade jewelry supplies, then Banglewood Crafts may be a good fit for you.

Unfinished wood bangels by Banglewood Crafts

Banglwwood Crafts offers unfinished wood forms for pendants, rings, bangles (of many different kinds), and other blank forms for jewelry use. They are great for decorating with paints, funky duct tape, fabric, decoupaging, or, really, any other method of beautifying, blinging, and bedazzling that you can think of! For something simple and elegant, just apply a stain and show off the beauty of the wood itself!

Tiffany Hill has been crafting pretty much all her life, and also has her own line of finished jewelry. She focuses, however, on selling her finished jewelry more at local venues, while her craft supply business is marketed online. In her blog, she often writes about, not just her business, but about other crafters and the benefits of crafting.

Decorated wood bangle by Banglewood Crafts

Here’s where you can learn more about Banglewood Crafts!


Nautical art on vintage, upcycled atlas pages; by Winterberry Cottage

Winterberry Cottage creates beautiful, upcycled artwork for your home that is truly unique. The artist behind Winterberry Cottage is Amy Lynn. Her artwork is full of whimsy, nostalgia, and is simply beautiful.

Steampunk bee print on vintage paper - Winterberry Cottage

Her prints are beautifully imaginative and are all created on upcycled vintage papers. Sometimes, these papers may be atlas pages (as seen in the at the top of this post) while others are created on pages from old dictionaries. It’s a beautiful blending of old and new, image and text.

You can find her work on both Handmade Artists, as well as, on Etsy. Here are her links!:

Handmade Artists Shop

If you’ve never seen the polymer clay creations of Pook Designz you really should!

The artist behind Pook Designz is Amanda Gwynne-Farrish. She has been crafting with polymer clay for over 20 years! Her pieces range from sculptural-jewelry to figurines to cake toppers.

Polymer clay dragon cake topper/figurine handmade by Pook Designz

Each piece is lovingly sculpted from polymer clay and shows great imagination. They are cute and ever so quirky it’s hard not to fall in love with them!

Ploymer clay frog earring and brooch set handmade by Pook Designz

In addition to her sculptural work, Pook Desginz now has a new line of more modern, abstract designs. With this new line, no one piece is exactly alike, so you know that what you are getting is indeed a one-of-a-kind.

Polymer clay artisan abstract pendant handmade by Pook Desginz

And, if you can’t find quite what you’re looking for, Pook Designz offers you the option of custom ordering! Just let her know what you need and she’d be happy create a piece that’s just right for you!

Her’s where you can find her:


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