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Ok, so now that regular life seems to be calming down a bit, I am hoping to be able to get back to the blog soon. However, I think I may have been a bit over ambitious with my original post schedule, so I will likely be revisiting that so as to find something that works better. The problem is this, I’d carefully structured what kinds of posts/artwork would be featured on what days, and while this sounds great in theory, in practice it’s a nightmare. Here is why: 1) some topics/artwork are harder to find posts for than others, 2) I don’t like to post an artist’s work/photos without their prior knowledge and consent and 3) contacting said artists to get consent is sometimes easier said than done, and it can be a while before you hear back, assuming you hear back at all. I know lots of bloggers do not get permission before they post, but I don’t like that. At the very least, it is a courtesy, but it really goes beyond simple courtesy to actual copyright laws. So, I’m going to be ditching my carefully planned post schedule. Here’s the new post schedule that I’m considering: instead of the daily or alternating post schedule I’ve been using, I’m thinking a monthly schedule might work better. Maybe have one major featured post that fits with the old posting themes, and then however many other posts I actually have time to make. That way, I have longer to plan for the posts, hear back from artists, etc.

Summer Blog Posts

Posted Monday, June 16th, 2014

Hi, everyone! Sorry for the recent lack of blog posts! I just wanted to let everyone know that as we are now entering the art show season, the number of blog posts will be becoming more erratic due to having to dedicate more time to preparing for shows. I will still be making blog posts as frequently as possible, but fore the next little while I may only be able to manage one or two blog posts a month. The blog post schedule should be able to go back to normal about mid-September.

Hi, all! This is just a short announcement regarding this week’s blog post schedule. I just wanted to let everyone know that I will not be posting anything for this week’s ‘Wearable Wednesday’ and ‘Free For All Friday’ blog posts as I will be out of state visiting family. Next week’s blog posts, however, should be able to be posted as normal. So see you all then!

Just wanted to make a general announcement about some changes to my blog posting schedule so no one wonders why my blog has gone silent on some days. When I started this blog, I planned to post 5-days a week. However, I had nooooo idea how difficult it was going to be to do that every week with the weird offline schedule I have and other obligations. So, starting this week, I have decided to try a rotational blog post schedule. One week, I will be making posts Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and the next week Tuesday and Thursday and so-on-and-so-forth. I will still be doing the same themes, just on a staggered schedule that takes some pressure off of me and allows me more time to plan out posts. If you find you like this new blog post schedule better please let me know!

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