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I’d like to introduce you to the beautiful, handmade mosaics of Monika from Myeuropeantouch!

As I mentioned in the about page and the ‘grand opening’ blog announcement, Tuesday’s theme posts are all about recycled, upcycled, and repurposed art. This Tuesday, I thought I’d blog about a friend of mine from the Handmade Artists’ Forum who (among other things) repurposes bone china to create some gorgeous mosaics.

Mosaic artwork by Monika of Myeuropeantouch

Monika creates all sorts of beautiful mosaics using pieces of stained glass, bone china (both vintage and new) that is all carefully hand-cut, and a myriad of other pleasing decorations. She’s embellished pieces of furniture (as can be seen in the above image) giving them new beauty.

Mosaic box by Monika of Myeuropeantouch

Mosaic Treasure Box by Monika of Myeuropeantouch

Mosaic pedestal cake plate by Monika of Myeuropeantouch

Myeuropeantouch has created beautifully mosaic-ed boxes, cake plates, tissue holders, and much more.

Here are the links for Myeuropeantouch. I highly recommend you drop by!


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