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Free For All Friday: Etsy Alternatives

Posted Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Last week I blogged about some of the major issues with Etsy and why they are no longer necessarily the best choice for selling your artwork. So I that maybe this week it would be a good idea to go over what some of the Etsy alternatives are.


One of the first Etsy alternatives that you will likely hear of is Artfire. Some people love it and have been doing well there. Artfire, like Etsy, started well. It provided an alternative to Etsy for handmade artists that were tired of all the fee of Etsy. However, again just like Etsy, the site has begun to have problems and the same exact problems of Etsy: manufactured products and reselling of someone else’s handmade work.


Zibbet is one of the newer Etsy alternatives out there. I haven’t tried this one, so I don’t know a whole lot about it, but I do know a number of people that have set up shop on Zibbit and so far I’ve been hearing good things about them. Zibbet has two types of seller memberships: a free basic package and a paid premium. You can have up to 50 store listings with the free membership and unlimited with the paid premium membership. A premium membership costs $9.95 a month or you can choose a yearly subscription of $89 and save $30.

Handmade Artists:

I love Handmade Artists and have had a store on there for years now. Handmade Artists does not have the same kind of traffic that Etsy has, but it is still a fairly young site and it is growing and will continue to grow. The administrators of the site are Etsy exiles and have been careful to keep the site handmade and create a site that address all the other issues that people did not like about Etsy. A store on Handmade Artists costs $5 a month or you can choose a yearly subscription of $50, making it also one of the lowest cost Etsy alternatives.


Indiemade is great! Indiemade websites are specifically for artists and so they have all the tools and features that you need to create your own site. They also don’t cost you an arm and a leg! Their packages range from $4.95 to $19.95 (domain names must be purchased separately from a third party) I have a website with them and I love it.

Indiemade is just one of the many options out there for having your own website. Other options are Art span, FASO (Fine Art Studios Online), or of course hiring a web/graphic designer to make you a site. Some have also used free sites like Weebly or Wix for their website. Personally, I’m very hesitant to use a free website for a business site. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m just skeptical that a free site will have everything that a business site will need, look professional, and not have something wrong with it. Websites cost money to start and maintain (domain name fees, hosting fees, etc.) so I’m automatically skeptical about free websites and start thinking about other free web services like Tripod, Anglefire, and (the now dead) GeoCities (which are all awful and should never be used for business!!).

This is just a a small sampling of the Etsy alternatives that are now out there. There are many more options for both the marketplace style websites and for stand-alone websites so don’t feel like you have to choose Etsy just becasue it’s the most known. Also, don’t think you have to limit yourself to just one. If you’re not certain which is the best for you than perhaps try a couple and see how they go and decide from there which one(s) you want to keep. I tried Etsy, Artfire, Ebay, Bonanza, Handmade Artists, The Maille Market (a chainmaille only marketplace), and Indiemade before finding the right fit for me and am happy with my store on Handmade Artists and my stand-alone website through Indiemade.

(Sorry for the late post! I know it’s Saturday and the post title says ‘Friday’ but I started it yesterday and then time conspired against me not allowing me to finish it in time.)

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