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1,000 Steampunk Creations by Dr. Grymm


If you enjoy Steampunk and creating repurposed artwork, this is a book that you really should add to your reference library (it’s certainly on my reference library wishlist!).  I’ve looked at a lot of books about Steampunk art and this is without a doubt my favorite.  It spans all kinds of artwork from the traditional arts of painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. to fashion (both everyday Steampunk and more theatrical), jewelry, and accessories, as well as, showing a Steampunk spin on home decor. There really doesn’t seem to be any category of the visual arts left out. It’s a great conceptual inspiration book when pondering the unusual reuse objects and bits-and-bobs that might otherwise just get tossed out. Just remember, as with any time when you get inspiration from another artist, be inspired by their work but do not copy!

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