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chainmaille Goa'uld hand device - Handmaden Designs LLC

I made this piece a few years ago, but it is still one of my favorite personal challenge pieces that I’ve done. I’d had the idea for some time to attempt a chainmaille Goa’uld hand device (yes, I am a geek!), and when the ‘fantasy’ theme contest came up on Maille Artisans I just couldn’t resist giving it a go. Making this chainmaille Goa’uld hand device (also called a ‘kara kesh’) was definitely a challenge, although not in the ways I thought it would be. The basic construction was a lot easier than expected, I simply needed to use European 4in1. The difficult part was in the planning of the different pieces and fitting them together. I spent probably at least 100 hours working on this: researching the original hand device design from Stargate SG-1 to make sure I got it right, sizing and re-sizing the piece as I went, and then doing more research to compare the results I was getting with the original. The chainmaille Goa’uld hand device ended up taking about 100ft of copper wire to make, and I am soooo thrilled with how it turned out.

Making this piece turned out to be just the beginning in geek chainmaille project ideas that I’ve had. Since making this, I’ve also made a chainmaille elf-ear cuff earring, and have been planning another major sci-fi project that I can’t wait to do!! (But sadly have to as I don’t have all the materials for it.) However, if I can pull it off it will probably be my ultimate geek-maille project: a chainmaille Borg head piece. Photographing that will be fun!!

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