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If you do a lot of shows, or have higher priced items, then you’ve probably considered, or will eventually be considering, accepting credit cards at shows. Accepting credit cards at shows really does make quite an impact on your sales. Since I started accepting credit cards at shows, I’ve noticed not only increased sales, but also an increase in the average price, so I would definitely encourage other artists to look into accepting credit cards. However, as there are several different options out there for doing so it can be very confusing to find which method would be the best one for you.

Most methods require that you have a merchant account service (sometimes banks offer this) which will rent or sell you the credit card processing equipment. Some of the methods will approve/decline the cards right away, while others record the needed information requiring you to phone the information into your merchant account service to complete the payment(s).

Regular credit card processors and merchant accounts can be very expensive. Besides the cost of the equipment, merchant accounts charge a monthly fee (whether or not you’ve actually processed any cards that month), as well as, transaction fees for each credit card payment (the % varies for each credit card company).

Thankfully, these merchant account services are no longer the only options out there for accepting credit cards, Other options out there are: Intuit GoPayment, Square, or PayPal’s card reader. All three of these options allow you to accept credit cards via a smartphone and know straight away if the card is approved or declined. I use Square and absolutely love it. The card readers are free and there’s no monthly fee, so the only cost is a small transaction fee which is the same for all credit card types. Square is the method I would most recommend, but I know others that have used Intuit GoPayment and PayPal that are also really happy with their choice. Whichever one you choose (if you choose to accept credit cards via a smartphone), just be sure to do your research as two which phones they are or are not compatible with.

Wearable Wednesday: Heirloom Ribbon and Beadworks

Posted Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Coral Ribbonwork Corsage - Heirloom Ribbon and Beadworks

Heirloom Ribbon and Beadworks is the product of the imagination and artistry of Pamela Scudder from Los Angeles, California. Pamela specializes in one-of-a-kind bridal, special occasion, and costume accessories. She has been making them since 1989.

Chocolate and Teal French Ribbon Millinery floral Applique - Heirloom Ribbon and Beadworks

Pamela’s love for the elegance of Victorian design is very evident in her designs! She also draws a lot of inspiration from the beauty found in nature. Pamela creates headpieces, tiaras, jewelry, hair combs, and bridal accessories; all of which are beautifully and intricately designed.

If you would like to see more by Heirloom Ribbon and Beadworks, here are the links:


Daisy Photograph - LMR Photography 2

The artist behind LMR Photography 2 is Lynne Rowe from Alamogordo, New Mexico. Lynne has a passion for flowers and a passion for photography, this has, of course, led to her combining her two passions spending countless hours photographing the flowers she loves.

Lynne was 12 when her father taught her how to use his camera. She has had a love for photography ever since and, in 1999, was thrilled to get her first digital camera.

Yellow Gerbera Daisy Photograph - LMR Photography 2

As mentioned earlier, Lynne absolutely loves flowers. Sometimes, she will buy flowers just so that she can go home and photograph them! She photographs them from all manner of angles. Lynne shows a beautiful understanding of how to compose a truly successful and artistic photograph!

Red Gerbera Photo Tile Necklace - LMR Photography 2

In addition to Lynne’s photo prints, LMR Photography 2 also creates beautiful photo glass tile necklaces.

If you would like to see more work by LMR Photography 2 here is where you can find her:

Etsy Store

Circular saw blade painting - Silhouette Arts by JE

The artist behind Silhouette Arts by JE is June Evon Bishop from Alboin Maine. June has loved art from an early age, and, for her, it is an escape from the world and all its issues. June is what you could call a ‘found-object painter.’ Acrylic paints are her medium of choice, but, instead of painting on regular canvases (although she does sometimes), she mostly chooses to paint on more unusual surfaces such as: license plates, saw blades, rocks, shingles, etc. Objects that other people just throw away as trash, she reuses in artistic ways.

The One That Got Away (slate painting) - Silhouette Arts by JE

June largely paints landscapes, birds, and other nature related imagery, but she does paint other non-nature related pieces as well. If you would like to learn more about June and see more work by Silhouette Arts by JE, here are the links!:


Hi, all! This is just a short announcement regarding this week’s blog post schedule. I just wanted to let everyone know that I will not be posting anything for this week’s ‘Wearable Wednesday’ and ‘Free For All Friday’ blog posts as I will be out of state visiting family. Next week’s blog posts, however, should be able to be posted as normal. So see you all then!

I love Steampunk; its crazy blend of history and science fiction. I love seeing the contraptions and creativity of other Steampunk enthusiasts. I also love dabbling in some Steampunk of my own. It’s not a very large Steampunk sculpture, but it is one of my favorites. This is “Arachnida Typographicus” the Steampunk spider.

Arachnida Typographicus (Steampunk spider sculpture) - Laura Hepworth

This Steampunk spider sculpture, as I said, is not very large, having a leg-span of only 7 inches. The carapace (main body) of the spider is made from an old watch, while the legs are keys from an old typewriter (hence the name “Arachnida Typographicus”), the abdomen was just a clear plastic bead I had lying around (it actually came from one of the first bags of beads I was ever given when I was 6), and all the parts are held together wire. Sorry, unlike some other Steampunk spider sculptures I’ve seen, my one is simply a sculpture and is not mechanized.

My links:

Deviant Art gallery (primary)
Deviant Art gallery (secondary)

Nature Beauty (pressed flower art)- Pabitra Shrestha

Pabrita Shrestha is a pressed flower artist creating beautiful and unique pieces (landscapes, figurals, etc.) out of, not just pressed flowers, but also pieces of bark, leaves, branches, roots, etc. Originally from Nepal, he now resides in Irving, Texas, and is passionate about his art and about furthering his chosen medium within the art world. Although pressed flower art has been around for over 400 years, it still remains a fairly uncommon and little known art form. Pabitra Shrestha, who has been exploring this artform since he was 19, would like to change this.

Imagination (pressed flower art) - Pabitra Shrestha

Pabitra Shrestha is a member of International Pressed Flower Art Society, as well as, World Wide Pressed Flower Guild. He studied pressed flower art in Japan and also been certified as a pressed flower art instructor. Pabitra Shrestha has exhibited his work worldwide.

If you would like to learn more about Pabitra Shrestha and his artwork, here is his website:


T-shirt quilt baby clothing - Moss Re-Creations

The artist behind Moss Re-Creations is Julie Moss. Julie Moss is a quilter and embroidery artist that specializes in keepsake art. She creates custom quilts, pillows, and bags out of upcycled old t-shirts. Julie would make these memory t-shirt quilts for her children and their friends as a way to remember all the sports events that they had been involved with. Now, Moss Re-Creations, is known as a great way to preserve your special memories. Her t-shirt recreations are made to preserve the memories/celebrate of all sorts of areas of life: from surviving cancer to remembering all manner of interests/special events (sports, music, etc.) or anything else that the customer wishes to memorialize.

T-shirt sorority quilt - Moss Recreations

Moss Re-Creations is happy to preserve your special memories by turning them into a custom memory keepsake! Here’s where you can learn more about Julie and her art:


A Summer Walk - Eve Botelho

Eve Botelho is an amazing fiber artist! Originally from Sussex, England, she now resides in upstate New York. Eve has had a love for the textile/fiber arts from a young age, and, as her grandmother was a dress designer and milliner, it sounds like it must run in her family.

Trees in a Field of Golden Rods - Eve Botelho

Eve Botelho graduated from Loughborough University with a BFA in Textile Design, and specializes in creating beautiful embroidered works of art. The detail she puts into her work (whether landscapes, 3D creations, etc.) is just stunning! She is a member of several fiber art guilds and shows/sells her work both through galleries, as well as, craft shows through the U.S. and Canada.

If you would like to know more about Eve Botelho and her work, here’s where you can find her:


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